Monday, February 22, 2010

A Start Of A New Weekend

Today is a start of a new weekend, well yesterday was. I am still at Alise's doing schoolwork. Yesterday we did schoolwork and then we played on our computers till our bedtime. We didn't finish our schoolwork till around 4:00. I don't know how long I am staying but I can imagine that I am going to stay here till Wednesday.

I do not have the day planned yet besides doing schoolwork. We will see how the day will unfold. Alise and I are going to do schoolwork, play on our computers, and we are hoping and seeing if we are going to finish "The Titanic". Oh did I tell you while I was having my breakfast with Alise, Debbie ( Alise's mom and my sister in-law) said that last night she maid some rolls.

For people who don't know what rolls are I will tell you. It is sushi. I love sushi, Last summer or whatever season it was I ate a whole roll of sushi!! I am such a little bird ( because I am such a SLOW eater and I eat hardly anything) and a roll is about a foot and a half long!!! Alise and I were daring each other dipping with the sushi and eating it.

I am going to do schoolwork now so tata.
Kaylee and Reggie

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