Monday, April 26, 2010


Today I went to the dentist to get a check up and to see if we need braces. And all as I can tell you it was so not fun... Tyrell wanted to go first so I let him. I think he wanted to get it over done with. Time passed and so then it was my turn.

My teeth were in excellent shape.We didn't need braces. They took an x-ray and no cavities. Although I was so relieved because the night before I was worrying about them having fillings or having caps. When she was polishing my teeth she saw that I had a wiggly tooth.

I told her that it has been wiggly for a very very long time and I couldn't get it out. They had to take another x-ray on my my tooth because they wanted to know why it couldn't come out. And sure enough my long long root was wrapped around my adult tooth.

So Dr. Sevier gave me 4 needles to have my whole face was numb. It hurt so much I wanted to cry. The assistant was closing her eyes and she held my hand. Instead of me squeezing her hand she squeezed mine.

He pulled my tooth out and by the time it was done my whole side of my face was so numb. It was even numb on my nose. I lost all my teeth well baby teeth. Lets just hope when I get older I don't have to get a tooth pulled or anything...

I read a book while Mom and Meg went grocery shopping. My mouth was in to much pain because of my mouth was punctured with so many needle wholes. We arrived at home and we cleaned up and had some lunch well supper.

Mom had bought us kids and including Megan some itchy band. It was so good. And she also bought the chinese noodles. We are going to cook that up with some stir fry. I just finished up drying the dishes and sitting on the couch with Reggie...

Talk to you later

Kaylee and Reggie***

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