Monday, April 12, 2010

Schoowork time

It is schoolwork time today and we didn`t get ALOT accomplished but we accomplished a bit. This morning Mom and Megan went to town so us kids were left with Dad. Our neighbour Bob Demidoff came for a morning visit. We are filled with neighbours down here. Sometimes we get visits.

Tyrell and I did some schoolwork. I lost my science and my social studies. It is a printed papers with questions. And you would think living a small cabin you wouldn`t clean up as much and loosing stuff. Well guess not because that seems like we do dishes almost every other day.

I focused on some math and I needed Dad`s help to help me do long division. I like math but I have trouble sometimes with it. Later on Dad left and went outside to do the cows and doing farm stuff.

Later on I found my social studies and my science and some other book I lost apparently. Tyrell and I decided to surprise Mom by making the bed,clearing off the table, doing dishes,vacuuming and clearing off the island.

I just finished up vacuuming and right now I am done washing a load of dishes and now on the other part of the dishes. It is so clean in here I don`t want to even have a speck of dust in here. Yesterday you heard there was a party so there is lots of dishes. Although for eating cake and pie we used paper plates.

Well on to the next batch of dishes...

Kaylee and Reggie

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