Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It Is Wednesday Again

It is Wednesday again and you know what that means. Yup long town day. I am at Jesse's with my Dad and my brother... I will write about what happened today...

I woke up by a sudden noise. Megan woke us up and we got ready. We left home around 8:00 oclock. We went down the bumpy road. Bumpady bump down we go to go to town. We arrived in town and our piano lessons are at 9:30 and so then we had to kill half an hour.

It was my turn to go to piano lessons so I went in and logged in in the office. In the office there are basically no pens. When I always go there I have to ask for a pen, so I went and bought some pens for them last week. I gave her the pens and she was so thankful she laughed and laughed about what I gave her.

She replied to me " HAHA thanks so funny, I will save it in my office drawer so that when we are COMPLETELY out of pens I will go and look there". Laurel ( my piano teacher) said that I did very very well. I am in grade 3 piano now and the highest level is grade 10 piano.

We went swimming for awhile from 11:00 to 1:00. My eyes are always irritated from swimming for some reason. I cannot hardly stand chlorine but I do like the smell of bleach. We went grocery shopping and we went to the mall...

NEWS ALERT: ALISE AND WHOEVER IS READING THIS, ARDENES IS GOING TO BE OPEN SOON. ALL THE CLOTHES ARE OUT ON THE RACK AND STUFF. I went to sewing and soon very very soon I will be done my pink summery hat. I will take a picture of me wearing it when I completed it.
Next project in sewing I will be making spring/summer/ dress and it is going to be kinda like an empire dress. I can't wait till I can be done it and be wearing it all over. Well I will be bringing it on sleepovers...

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT MOM JUST DID... SHE MADE A DENTIST APPOINTMENT ON THE 26TH IN APRIL. Just to have a check up and to see if we need braces. I personally don`t think I need braces but Mom said that she has a feeling that I do because she said that my teeth fang out.

We went home well to Jesse's because Dad is at Jesse's and Mom needed to put some bread and bagels in the freezers. Mom and Megan left for home and Tyrell and I stayed here with Dad... Nothing much besides doing laundry and cooking well I just heated up some pizza and curly fries in the oven... Signing out...

Kaylee and Reggie***

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