Thursday, April 15, 2010

Long Day

It has been a very long day...

Today, Ty and I was supposed to wash dishes but instead he high tailed it so I was washing,drying, and putting the dishes away. Mom said that I could watch Heartland while I was washing dishes. I love watching Heartland. It is kinda a farm/ ranch movie. It is to hard to explain.

Later I heard out that I was going to go to town with Dad. Yup that's right another day in town. It was alright with me but I wanted to go and I wanted to stay. After lunch we headed out for town.

We arrived in town and we went to get a nice cool drink. It was defiantly spring today because it was +22 and oh was it HOT. We went and got some parts for the farm. For some reason that took a very long time.

I asked Dad if I Could go to the Dollar Store and he said yes. I asked him f he wanted a Popsicle or a fudgical. He wanted a fudgical and I wanted just something nice and cool. They didn't sell fudgical so I b ought a chocolate bar or what ever its called.

Dad thought it was sweet. He said it was abit to sweet so then he bought a bottle of water to drink it down. Mine was really good. It was kinda a mistake because we were just going to go grocery shopping but I had blue /white/red lips.

So I cleaned well tried to clean it off. I cleaned off some of it but not all. We bought some pizza's because we were going to go to Jesse's place to see the hockey game. I believe Vancouver Cunucks Vs. Los Angela's Kings.

We went grocery shopping and guess what! We forgot the list in the truck so we had to think on top of our heads. We got everything right. We had everything on the list, and alot more. You know how it is you see it you want it.

We arrived at Jesse's and I heated up the pizza's. I cleaned up alittle and I was going to do the dishes but no hot water. I did some laundry and Darcy asked me to do his laundry so I did. Jesse took some laundry that was in the wash and put it in a basket water and all!!!

Darcy and I cleaned and mopped the water up and I told Jesse and all he could do is just smirk and laugh. I folded up Darcy's laundry and I put it on the dryer for him. Right now I am just waiting for the dryer and washer to be done.

Kaylee and Reggie***

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