Thursday, April 8, 2010

Almost The Weekend...

It is almost the weekend. We are throwing a birthday party for Stephanie ( my brothers wife so that would be my sister in law.) on Sunday. Yesterday I went to town with Dad and Tyrell because Mom was to tired to go to town. I went to sewing and I am making a pink hat and I love it. Eileen ( my sewing teacher) was supposed to wash the material for my dress but she had a long weekend and usually she washes stuff on Friday but it was a holiday.

I continued on my hat and I pinned and cut out the pattern. I put some batting on and ironing... It can be quite fun to be honest. Anyways all I have to do is sew them back on and then hopefully I can start on my summer/spring dress. After sewing I went and I was going to buy some rag scissors because the normal scissors are so hard to clip because you have to clip 5 times to have it clipped.

I forgot to bring my purse in and so then I went into the truck. I saw my Uncle Marvin and that was wonderful to see him. He is going to stay for 2 and a half weeks I think. When I bought the scissors it nearly killed me... 30.00 dollars. Thank goodness I am a sewing student because I got 10 percent off.

I can't wait till I get home and use the EXPENSIVE scissors. Later we went to Walmart to buy some ink because Mom is printing off some schoolwork for us kids. Since we were in the electronics section we were looking for a nice old movie to watch tonight. I found the very very last Walton season... well it isn't a season it is a movie collection.

When we arrived home we put all our groceries and put it away and got all settled in. I quickly went and fed the cats because we ran out of cat food and they don't like the dog food we we HAD to buy some cat food. I spent some time with the horses and then I went inside to have some supper. Mom made some eggs on toast with beef sausages.

We watched the Waltons and then we went to bed...

***Kaylee and Reggie***


I did schoolwork for a very long time this morning. I did a science project and it was soooo disgusting. I went outside and I got some clay out of the ground and then Mom put some water and I put my hand in the mud and then had to mush it up to soft clay. I hate to say this but I kinda sounded like a city girl because I asked Mom if this would wreck my skin and would it hurt my finger nail and she said its okay.

After my science I went and had to wash my hands in a mud puddle. It was sooo COLD I almost died. I washed my hands inside because Mom wanted me to rinse my hands outside. I did another page in science then went outside and I had fun with the horses. I brush them out and sometimes I ride Chico and teach him on the ground all instructions so then when I am up on him he knows exactly what I mean.

I played with with Tyrell in Darcy's camper for a bit and Jesse came here for some supper and now we are just visiting... I am going to have some rice ;)

Kaylee and Reggie***

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