Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Day Didn't Go As We Have Planned

Well the day didn't go as well as we have planned.We were going to go to town as usual but it had rained all night. The road was all muddy when we woke up. Dad didn`t want to go so we stayed home. We were going to take Alise but didn`t turn out. Oh well the day turned out as it was supposed to be.

This morning Ty and I did the dishes. This time he washed and I dried and put it away.I went outside to feed the critters. I went all the way to the horse trailer (that's where we feed them because the dogs like to steal their food) to get their bowls. Well I have a bucket then I dish it to the dishes. So then I went and filled the bucket and when I was heading towards the horse trailer, the horses started to follow me in.

I went inside the pen because that's where the horse trailer is. When I served up the cats they just love me to pieces. When I was heading home the horses started to follow me behind. Sago and Delavaga and Reggie. I fed them some grass then headed in .We did some schoolwork and cleaned up with Dad. I cleaned up the bathroom and Mom and Meg were just puttering around the kitchen.

Well I am going to go so talk to you later...

Kaylee and Reggie***

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