Monday, May 10, 2010


We have completed the bee pond in just 2 days. We just finished it this evening. It is looking so very very nice. All we need is some bee's and were good to go. Tyrell and I did schoolwork around the campfire.

Tyrell and I went for a nice bike ride. Yesterday I fell off the bike so many times I thought I was going to be very sore. It turned out that I was right. My back was very very sore. I couldn't really move that much.

Jesse arrived with the big goose neck. All our clothes,junk, and utensils were all on it. I was very happy to see it right in front of our yard. Well it is at the saw mill yard so you can barely see it right through the trees.

We fried up some leftover rice and oh was it ever good. I helped Mom do the pond. Tyrell and I gave lots of rocks and put it where it belongs. Dad and Tyrell got the water tank onto the truck and went to the spring to pump out the water for the pond.

We filled up the pond with water and oh did it looked so nice.Mom raked up some wet soil and put the bench beside it. Well I am going to go now :)

Kaylee and Reggie***

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