Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tonights The Recital

Okay I am getting abit nervous. I feel like I am going to make a mistake or trip or do something. Mom thinks I am just being silly, which she is right because I am NOT going to trip.

There is going to be no stage, which I was kinda disapointed but in these case I am happy also because last recital I almost tripped and fell off the stage when I was bowing and coming off.

I am going to go to Jesse's with my Mom and she is going to help me get ready. Mostly do my hair because last night we couldn't find the curlers so we have to think aboout a different hair do.

Megan took her camera that takes video's so we are going to ask Jesse if we can take his and hopefully it takes video's so that I can post a video here for you to hear! I will give you a hint. I am playing Beethoven's song. It has Grace notes and trills.

Its a very long song and its in Grade 3. It is called Sonatina In G which I love to peices or should I say treble clefs. I tried on my dress last night and it fits perfectly! Although I have to tie my bow knot tight because its a bit loose on me.

Reggie is going to miss me. I am leaving him in his kenel at Jesse's. When ever I leave the room without Reggie he starts to yelp like crazy. Not any old yelp THE yelp. He yelps in a high pitched voice.

Thats what woke me up this morning. Well not just HIM, the bulls are seperated from their Moms because they are going to calve pretty soon and we don't want them to breed.

The animals just love to to death. I was sitting on the porch and all of a sudden Marshmellow came and then Shilo. All as I needed was a cow and a horse. Well I had Reggie to but he is always with me correct. Well not always because I go to sleepovers and recitals and ect. Without him.

Kaylee and Reggie ***

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