Monday, May 31, 2010

A Little Holiday

I'm on a little holiday. Well thats what I like to call it, I'm just over at Alise's and when her horse has a colt we are going to go to swan lake. I am done school and Mom says that I been a good girl and I deserve it.

I going to stay for a week or so. I arrived here Saturday night and will stay for how many days Mom can stand. Alise and I were painting outside yesterday and today. Yesterday we painted the flower stand,anothr flower stand,a chair,and a box.

Today we just painted the wood shed and the chicken coup. Alise and I just played horseopoly and she beat me. I went bankrupt. So not fun. Well Alise and I are on eachothers computers playing games. We are taking turns of playing sims.

She lost her other sim disc but if she found it we would both play at the same tme but instead we take turns. Anyways take care :)

Kaylee and Reggie

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