Sunday, July 11, 2010

Milk Bath Anyone????

Mom and I were milking to day. The flies were very very bad. For some reason they just love flying around the milk. She just loves to pick up her feet to shoo the flies away.

"Watch out Kaylee" COWZILLA IS ON THE LOOSE!!!! She knocked me over and I was trying to protect the milk because we were going to give it to Debbie, I managed to save most of the milk but as I landed on my backside I held the bucket in one hand and only a small amount sloshed onto me.

The bucket I was sitting on ended up in front of me with milk on it also. Hair, clothes, me you name it. It was so gross. I had to wash my self with a cloth in the outdoor kitchen. I was thinking of going to the dugout and having a mud bath.

Mud or milk, what is worse?


  1. Kaylee,
    That post was hilarious! I couldn't help but think of those silly Hollywood women who pay top dollar for milk/mud baths at a spa ~ when you get them for free!
    Thanks for being a follower on my blog! I hope you will be encouraged! BTW, I have a cute little miniature schnauzer named Bella.

  2. Thanks Shelly I LOVE YOUR BLOG ALSO!!! To tell you the truth it isn't very pleasant but oh well... My sister in law and brother have a schauzer! He is sooo cute but I love miniature schnauzer too!!!