Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Its about 1 hour before I leave to go babysitting down at the neighbours. There is 2 kids and the ages are : 5 and 3. I am babysitting today and tomorrow. They are so fun to babysit.

I am going to bring some fun things like a chore list and stickers etc. I am going o be babysitting to 9 am till 3 pm. Reggie and Justice are getting along quite fine. Although I will have to say one causes trouble with the other.

Yesterday when I went bike riding, Justice keeps going to my wheels so I have to stop and then he whines ( and I mean whines.. picture a high pitch squeal. He and Reggie have the sqeal) so than I pick him up in my arms riding.

He thinks its so fun. Our Gardan is doing fairly well considering our goats have been eating freely and the dogs PLAYING and rolling in it. Mom and I weeded a section of lettece.

The carrets are sooo close of being ready it isn`t really funny. We have soo much carrets in one section we have to pick some for the others to grow. Thats our news for today:)

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