Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 2

Its day 2 babysitting again...I am just waiting to be picked up then I can start the job again. Yesterday went really good. Well considering the ages 3 and 5!!!! YUP you guessed quite right!!!

"Kaylee he pushed me, well she pinched me". Back and forth so of course I just had to separate them. I know its summer holidays but I did bring some easy schoolwork for them.

I brought art supplies and coloring books and a bit of work sheets. They loved doing it. I made them some lunch and they had to go lay down because they woke up really really early.

I cleaned up the living room aka THE KIDS PLAY ROOM. I went and told them its time for them to come out of their bedroom. I told them that we were going to do the dishes. I wash and dry and Morgan can put them away.

Katie's chore was just putting the silverware away. We also went for a nice long bike ride. We even had a little tea party!!! Well instead of using tea we used water... So really it was a water party.

When things got to boring for them I told them they could watch a movie in the basement while I sweep the floor. After the movie it was time for me to go home. It was around their bedtime and they were sooo sleepy on the way home they slept.

It is really hot out again and we have the cook stove going. It has to be to 300 degree's in order to cook the bread mom is making. Its going to be hotter than outside in 10 more minutes so I better enjoy it.

Reggie and Justice are now best friends. Well Justice isn't aloud it the house and Reggie is. Mom put his kennel on the deck so thats his safe house. He likes it really really fluffy so he refuses to sleep in there.

He sleeps either on the ground or on the steps so when ever we see him sleeping on either one of them we have to pick him up and put him in his kennel. Now what we did is we put Reggie's nice soft blanket in there.

Justice thinks its alright. Now that Reggie saw that his blanket in JUSTICE'S kennel he thinks that its his. So now they are either sharing or kicking each other out right now.

Talk to you later:)

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