Sunday, January 17, 2010

Resting Day

Today was our rest day (Saturday.I forgot to write yesterday so I am going to write today and going to write my blog about today tonight) and we don't do that much stuff besides reading,resting, eating, and watching movies. I watched Monarch Of The Glen and it is very very addicting. I was loosing my voice so I didn't talk that much (which is very very rare because when I have a sleepover at my friends house they say that I am always a chatter box). I went to the kitchen table waiting for our company coming. While I was waiting I looked at a cook book that I got from the Library yesterday and I showed my brother Darcy what is very good and he agreed with me. Darcy drank a bit of water and while I was looking though the cook book Darcy didn't swallow the drink instead he just spat it through his teeth on to me!!!! As I was mentioning that I lost my voice my scream sounded so weird and everybody told me to lower my pitch scream down. We had company and I played with Tyrell and Emerson. We opened up a garage sale and Dad and mom and Darcy came. We made 14.52 dollars. I packaged everything up with my vacuum sealer. Mom liked it very much. Jesse said that if I make some goodies he said he is going to pay me a lot. Tomorrow I will bake. That's pretty much it so ta ta.

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