Friday, January 15, 2010

Town Day:)

Okay today was town day. I got up and I had some egg on toast ( I seem to be having that alot lately) then I heard the news that we are going to town. I got ready for town and that didn't take me no time at all. We didn't take the car because Darcy (my older brother) took the car to work so we had to take the truck. I sat in the middle of mom and dad and the kids sat in the back. We got some fuel for the truck and went to the bank. We went grocery shopping and it turned out that I got to see my bff,Alise. (best friends forever, for those people who for don't know what that is) When our parents were talking Alise and I went to the coffee compartment and was spelling a lot of them. Some were good and some were when you take a deep breath you could pass out. There was one coffee bag that was completely hard and I went to spell it, it didn't work because I didn't have enough strength (oh yeah I forgot the coffee we were spelling the is a vacuum bag that when you squeeze it it lets out the coffee smell) so when I was about to put it back it poked me in my hand that's right it poked me because it was so hard and stiff the end of it got me in the hand. I said goodbye to her and I went and bought some more itchy band. We went home and we cleaned a lot and Tyrell and Emerson had some chores to do outside because they didn't want to clean in the house so they decided to do some outside work.I brought in a little bit of wood and then Tyrell said that he wanted to join our jobs together so we said yes. I brought in some more wood with Tyrell. We got some old bread and we brought it in the barn. We got in and I washed my hands and made a nice cozy fire. I washed my hands again and I made a nice salad (for the first time!!!) and I grated some cheese on the potato's and I also set the table and I got the salad dressing on the table. I was going to take a nice picture of the supper I kinda made and I also the table that was set. It was going to be a nice picture but Megan had the camera in her purse and she is down at the valley so to bad. We enjoyed the supper and the boy's loved the salad. And that's about it besides sitting by the fire I made. Talk to you guys later...

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