Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Family Members To The Chickens!

The broody chicken finally had little baby chicks! This is our first time to have baby chicks. We have 6 little chicks and a couple more eggs to go, they are so cute:)

Well they are going to be cute until they are loosing their baby fur and getting their feathers. Here's some pictures of the baby chickens... There is one that sort of has a mow hawk and there is some with speckled little dots.

Taking your baby chicks for a little walk I see, just be careful and not go to far now.

Justice has grown so big in the last month we had him. He and Reggie are best friends.

Shilo and Justice seem to howl together...They are doing it unevenly though... Try together boys!

There you go you finally got it! Try that at night boys, you might scare away the coyotes.

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