Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long time no write :)

Well well well long time no write. I was busy a couple days ago so lets see here... Lets start with Friday shall we... (PS. I will do a couple of posts here and tonight I will do more posts)

Today I got up and got dressed into warm clothes because it is cold. I had some beef bacon with some eggs on toast. I did lots of schoolwork because our little babies are coming. We are foster parents and we get little baby`s every other weekend for the other foster parents to get a nice break.

One is 7 months old and the other just turned 3. We had them since the month old baby was 2 months old! I always take care of them because I love them so dearly. My Mom doesn't have to worry about a thing, besides doing the night shift. When I was done schoolwork I had to kill time till 4:00 ( because the babies are coming) so I played my Sims on the Nintendo DS.

Finally it was 4:00 and then I was waiting for those babies to come. When they arrived I went outside and grabbed the diaper bag from their foster mom so that she can carry the baby. Mom and the other foster parent chatted for a bit while I got the diaper bag and got the baby food out and put it in the cabinet and the diapers in the bathroom. We like to use our clothes on the babies because we don't really want to lose any clothes of theirs.

I took care of both of them and when it came to supper I fed them and then I got them ready for bed. I tucked them both in bed and the 3 year old babie said night night sissy I love you. After I got them to bed I watched a movie and went to bed.


Today I got up and got dressed. Before I had breakfast I went into the baby room and got the baby ( the 7 month old) before it started waking up Mom and the otherbaby. I fed him the baby food and he is one messy eater I tell you, if I spill one smidge on the tray he grabs his hand and messes it up everywhere. And sometimes I even forget to put a bib on him but this time I did remember (thank goodness). I changed the babies bums because they were wet so after that I got them changed to their everyday clothes. Tyrell ( my youngest brother) went and babysat the 3 year old and Emerson the 5 year old soon to be 6.

The 7 month old baby was so tired he didn`t want to be put to bed so I made a bottle and fed him and rocked him. It took so long to put him to sleep it basically took me an hour. When I got him asleep I went on to my computer, and made a fire to have some quiet time for myself. When he woke up I changed his Diaper... I just pretty much babysat... I would like to have a job as a babysitter. Mom said I am taking the babysitting course through her and she is teaching me everything there is to know about babysitting. Talk to you guys later over and out.

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