Wednesday, September 1, 2010


A couple weeks ago I found Hepsabah's baby kittens. It was in a small log pile ( thank goodness) and a week passed and we found Smirkie's kittens. Well smirkie's kittens weren't really baby kittens.
They were a month old and Hepsabah`s was a or 2 days old.

I made a little bed in my Mom's tin shed. She moved them a week later because the dogs like to go in there and the dogs probably bugged her.

Smirkies Babies... I didn't get all of them... Its kinda hard to catch some of them.

All in total Smirkie had 5 kittens and Hepsabah had 2. We have 10 cats on the farm right now. Mom said that we are only allowed to have 1 more. So that leaves us kids 9 kittens to give away. Any one want one????

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