Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Book Reading

I thought I would do a quick blog post. Nadine and her kids came up for a visit. It was sure nice to see them. When they left Megan and I got water from the spring. It takes along time to fill up so Megan brought some books along.

She is reading another book right now. I am reading " That Certain Spark" by Cathy Marie Hake. She is a good author I think. I am half way done the book , well almost. Its about a Women Doctor coming into town and everybody thinks its a bit weird I guess you could call it.

Karl he is a black smith and has a crush on The Lady Doctor, Taylor. He doesn't admit it. One day he had an accident, he burnt his leg bad and he had to see the Doctor. The burn was really bad she had a choice to amputate it or just let it heal. She chose let it to heal.

His leg is better and he is joining up for a barn raising and she is just taking care of children now. That's as far as I`m at. Page 165. Megan says she has a lot of books for me to read when I`m finish reading this.

I am going to go to the library also to have a look. Anyways have a great night:)

Kaylee and Reggie :)

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