Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Long Day In Town

Hello Everybody welcome back.... Last night I made some Hamburgers for my brothers, they just got into the house after work. And they loved them. Anyways enough about last night go on about today well tonight. I woke up at 7 in the morning to go to town because my brother Darcy is working at Butcher Block and so Tyrell, Mom Megan, Emerson and I went into the car to go to town. We were all packed into the car and I am surprised it can hold 5 people! We dropped of Darcy at his work and we started our day in town. We went to the Dollar Store for a bit. I bought some hair stuff (nothing really exciting) and some flavored water. We also went to the Library but it was closed so we put our books in the slot and Megan dropped me off at piano lessons. My piano lessons went well and there is one song that is SO hard, its a Beethoven song (which I love) and I have to stretch my little hands so much and oh it hurts. Mom picked me up and dropped off Tyrell. We waited in the waiting room because we were going to go to the skating rink after the piano lessons were all done. We were walking well I should say running ( so was my mom!) to the skating rink and I was just going to start walking normally again but was a bit to late because right at the entrance I tripped and fell on the cement tiles and it hurt. My friends were there and I played with them for along time. When it was time to go we went to the Library again and we met up with the same friends and we talked too. It was so fun going to the Library and finding some movies and books for free. We said good-bye to all of them and we started our shopping time (yay!) I bought some headphones that are noise cancelling sound so I will enjoy that doing schoolwork at the table. I went to sewing as usual and I sat down at the table and I got my sewing bag that my all my stuff are in. Eileen (who is my sewing teacher) asked me where was my sidekick. What she meant to say was where was Alise. She is my Best Friend in the world, you can never ever imagine how fair,kind,pretty, and humerus's she can be sometimes. I am sewing an apron for my sister Megan. It is supposed to be for her birthday present but it is gonna be a late present then. I was talking to Jenna who is also a kid in the same sewing class as I am. When sewing was done we went and gone to Extra Foods. I bought some itchy band (which is bad for you and its good and I hardly ever buy it.). After a long day in town our last but not least errand we had to do was pick up Darcy from work. Pretty much before Butcher Block was closing I went in and waited for Darcy. When Darcy came and went into the car we were officially crammed into the car once and for all.I`ve heard of a close family but now this close. When we got home Mom put in the Pizza`s and I made some Itchy Band. After supper I went into the bathroom and I looked to see if I had a bruise on my leg and sure enough I had a big fat purple and blue bruise. It was not pleasant to have at all. Meg had rented season 9 of the Waltons so we were watching a few bit of some episodes and then I came into my room and did this blog of mine. That is pretty much it people. I will write tomorrow (that is if I forget or to busy) so ta ta for now.
over and out. Kaylee and of coarse my Dog Reggie.


  1. Hey Kaylee, I LOVE it!!! Oh and thank you for that super sweet comment!!! Right back at your girl!!! Talk to you soon... Keep up the good blogging!

  2. 10-4 Alise;) and thank you for the comment... And you keep up with YOUR blogging